CableDorade Thru-deck cable entry CableDorade Thru-deck cable entry CableDorade Thru-deck cable entry

The CableDorade provides an elegant, secure and watertight means of getting mast and other cables through the deck. Made of polished 316 grade stainless steel, it can be stepped on and kicked without damage and it doesn’t snag sheets, lines or halyards.

The two entryways can accommodate a total of 6 cables of ½” diameter or a greater number of smaller wires. The central two-inch duct handles cables with even the bulkiest connectors attached.

Access to cables is simple, just undo two nuts and lift off the cover. No sealant is needed after initial installation of the base plate.

The CableDorade measures 6.3” (160mm) by 4” (100mm) by 1.75” high (45mm).

CableDorade CableDorade

No need for multiple deck glands or plugs, install a single CableDorade.

CableDorade is a robust, maintenance-free alternative to individual plugs and deck glands which can leak, corrode and be damaged by foot traffic. It’s a more seamanlike solution than swan neck tubes which can catch sheets and halyards.

The CableDorade is original equipment on many fine brands of boat built in Europe and the USA: Hallberg Rassy, Bavaria, Najad, Nauticat, Hunter and others.

Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Customers in UK and the rest of the world can purchase CableDorade at

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